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Why Share Your Health Care Story?

Stories like yours put a face to the complicated health care issues we face in West Virginia. When you share your story, you are giving others the opportunity to learn from your experiences and then use that knowledge to help others in our community. Your story can help educate and destigmatize tough issues, influence lawmakers, and inspire everyday people to become health care advocates. 

How can I share my story?

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences with Medicaid and/or the health care system in West Virginia, please contact our Story Collection Coordinator, Mariah Plante, to arrange a time to talk and the many different ways you can tell your story--social media, educational videos, story books, and more. 

Your Story, Your Rights

Because your stories are so important to us, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care is committed to protecting our storytellers and their privacy. WVAHC will never share your story without your consent and will work with you to determine what story sharing option is best for you.

Story Collection Consent Form


Last summer, people of compassion across the country were fighting to prevent the United States Congress from repealing the ACA and slashing Medicaid funding by billions of dollars. And we won. 

An important part of the strategy that gave us that victory was sharing the stories of people on Medicaid with the media and with Members of Congress. 

Below you can go to an excerpt from the beginning of a piece that appeared in the New York Times on May 3, 2017. Alice Wong tells her story of how Medicaid has changed her life.  Please read the full piece by Alice and send copies to others.

There is no question that Alice is a powerful advocate for people with disabilities.

But anyone who shares their story can share that power and make a difference.





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