5 Things to Consider


1. Don't miss the new deadline!

The COVID-19 open enrollment period ends August 15th

So there is still time to enroll in a quality health care plan. Once the COVID-19 Enrollment Period ends, you will not be eligible to enroll for ACA coverage for the rest of the year unless you qualify for a 60-day Special Enrollment Period (SEP) due to a major life change like losing your employer-provided healthcare coverage, getting married/divorced, moving, giving birth/adopting a child, turning 26 or becoming ineligible for Medicaid.

You can enroll year-round if...

You're eligible for Medicaid or CHIP

You're a member of a federally recognized Native American tribe or you're an Alaskan Native (any state).

2.  Make sure you are enrolling in ACA coverage

There is a ton of junk plans and scam artists out there. Fraudulent plans are being hawked via robocalls, spam emails and fly-by-night websites. If you are enrolling online, make sure to use the official ACA exchange website: www.healthcare.gov

3. Millions of people are now eligible for free platinum plans (labeled as silver plans)

If your household earns less than 200% FPL (around $25,500/year if you are single; around $52,000/year for a family of 4), make sure to choose a Silver plan! Thanks to the ACA's Cost Sharing Reductions (CSR) system, you will receive additional financial help which will lower your deductible, co-pays, and coinsurance a lot.

4.  Shop around

In most states, current ACA enrollees are being allowed to switch plans mid-year if they want to during the ongoing 2021 COVID Special Enrollment Period due to the enhanced ARP subsidies. Check into it. Some insurance carriers in some states are even giving people credit for whatever portion of their deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses they have already paid into when they move to a different plan with the same carrier.

5.  If you are on unemployment in 2021, you are eligible for a $0-premium "secret platinum" plan

Under the American Rescue Plan, Americans receiving unemployment insurance this year only will be eligible for a $0-premium Silver plan and will also be eligible for high-Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) assistance, which bring their deductibles, co-pays and other out of pocket expenses down dramatically.

Checkout the video https://www.youtube. com/watch? v=tpXjdjk9LjI&t=30s