SB 564 – Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet  (2/28/2019)

SB 564 – Healthy Start for WV Families   (2/28/2019)

WVAHC Amendment 1 Statement (8/27/2018)

WVAHC Board Resolution to Affirm Our Position in Support of Women (8/27/2018)

Options for Controlling Prescription Drug Spending-at-the-State-Level-6-9-2018.pdf (6/9/2018)

Mother’s Day Fact Sheet 2018

WVTFM Medicaid Vital for WV – candidate education fact sheet

WVTFM Affordable Care Act candidate education fact sheet

Medicaid Good Medicine bullet fact sheet 2-18

NEMT arguments and citations

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicaid Work Requirements

Lessons From Indiana for WV

Cost-sharing in Medicaid

WV EPSDT and Child Health Priorities

WV EPSDT Fact Sheet

WV Seniors Medicaid facts

People with Disabilities and Medicaid – Fair Shake Network Fact-Sheet

West Virginia Harmed by Medicaid Caps BCRA update

PBS Newshour — Deep in Coal Country, West Virginia patients speak out about GOP Health Bill

Interactive Map — The Percent of Adults in Small Towns and Rural Areas Covered by Medicaid, 2014/15 in West Virginia

Interactive Map — The Percent of Children in Small Towns and Rural Areas Covered by Medicaid/CHIP, 2014/15 in West Virginia

Fact Sheet — Medicaid Per Capita Caps Hurt Individuals Affected by the Opioid Epidemic

Fact Sheet — The American Health Care Act (AHCA) Hurts Individuals Affected by the Opioid Epidemic

WVAHC Proposed Changes to Medicaid in Congress and Funding Cuts

WVAHC WV Medicaid Fact Sheet

WVAHC Medicaid Trifold

WVAHC Medicaid Data by County

WVAHC Medicaid Hospital

WVAHC Medicaid Expenditures

WVAHC Medicaid Essential Brochure

WVAHC Coalition Presentation

WV Medicaid Funding a Healthy Future