2021 West Virginia State Legislative Session Highlights

Mountain State Spotlight WV Legislative Tracker – great new resource for tracking bills in addition to wvlegislature.gov

Almost 300 bills passed the WV legislature.  What happens next?

After a bill passes both chambers in the same form, it is sent to Governor Justice.  While the legislature is in session, the governor has five days to approve or veto a bill he receives. After the legislature adjourns, the governor has 15 days to act on most bills. However, the budget bill and supplemental appropriations bills must be acted upon by the governor within five days regardless of when they are received. If the governor does not act within these time limits, bills automatically become law without his signature.

If the Legislature is still in session if the governor vetoes a bill, a simple majority vote of the members of both legislative bodies is necessary to override the veto. In cases when a budget bill or supplemental appropriation bill is vetoed, a two-thirds vote of the members of both houses is needed to override the veto.

The list of bills below notes lead sponsors, but the Chairs of Committees of Jurisdiction play a key role in placing a bill on their agenda for a vote, amending the language or a bill before passing out of Committee, or letting the bill “die in Committee.”

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