Joe says "Hit the Pause Button" 

We say “WHOA JOE" 

Don’t Leave Working West Virginia Families in the Dust

The choice is clear Senator Manchin!

Stand up now with West Virginia working families -OR- stand up for billionaires and big corporations.


Congress is debating the Build Back Better package and one Senator can make or break the deal – Joe Manchin:

  • Lower premiums for families buying health insurance at
  • Medicare prescription drug price negotiation to lower drug costs for Medicare enrollees and ALL Americans
  • Paid family and medical leave
  • A continuation of the Child Tax Credit
  • Tuition-free community college
  • Universal pre-K and expanded childcare assistance

Working families pay our fair share of taxes.  Now make sure billionaires and big corporations do the same.

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Undo the huge tax loopholes, shelters, and breaks from 2017. No family making less than $400,000 a year will pay more taxes.

And we can pay for programs to help working West Virginians.

Take Action Now!

Tell Senator Joe Manchin to not short-change West Virginia working families!

Ask him to stand up for us by supporting the Build Back Better full $3.5 trillion
investment in working families!

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