Statement of Dr. Jessica Ice of Build Back Better


October 28, 2021                                                                                             
Contact:  Jessica Ice, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Build Back Better Negotiated Compromise Framework Released Today

Statement of Jessica Ice, Ph.D., Executive Director

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care


Today President Biden and key leaders in Congress presented a framework that represents the negotiated compromise “Build Back Better” federal legislative package that is expected to be voted on next week. 

Dr. Jessica Ice, Executive Director, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, in response stated:

“While we are very disappointed that key health provisions were dropped, the framework includes some historic and significant gains for West Virginia families.  The Build Back Better framework the White House released today would mark a historic step forward to reduce poverty, help many struggling working families in our state, and especially help our West Virginia children.  The investments in families and children are fully paid for by closing tax loopholes for wealthy households and profitable corporations.

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care urges Congress to move forward and pass the negotiated compromise “Build Back Better” federal legislative package that emerged today.

We do lament that two key health provisions were cut from the framework and others scaled back in order to secure the support of all Senate Democrats.  While we had hoped for a more robust final package, the framework presents an important step forward for West Virginia families.

Today’s framework does not include a provision to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and lower drug costs for all Americans.  We want to thank Senator Manchin for his steadfast support of this provision. 

The framework also does not include a provision to provide paid family and medical leave protections for all workers.  This is a heart-braking, tremendous loss for working West Virginia families.  We hope that Senator Manchin will reconsider his opposition to a federal paid leave protection for all workers who struggle to balance work and family responsibilities. And we hope that West Virginia state legislators will consider joining the 9 other states that have enacted state paid leave laws.”



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